HD Radio Converters


HD Radio: It is Time to Upgrade To Free Digital HD radio.

Use HD Radio converters to obtain reception. A converter will work with existing, analog radios and you do not need to buy an entirely new radio. See the selection of HD Radio converters now available and also find a $50 rebate for most HD radios and converters.

HD Radio, through a converter, will provide the same quality as your digital music. Some of the new experiences include :

  • Find new personalities and new artists that are not on regular radio
  • New genres, even including new music from abroad
  • Various new kinds of programs as well as content that you have never listened to before
  • Even new experimental radio formats that no one has ever heard


Find information about HD Radio, radio tuners and HD radio converters throughout this site.

A few HD Radio converters on the market include Alpine, JVC, Peripheral Radio Converter, and Sony. Find other system reviews, including HD radio tuners, at HD radio review.






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